Airbrush by Ton van de Acker

One of the first drawings made with an airbrush. This drawing was first made with coreldraw and than masks where cut from this to create the Painting.

For my work i airbrushed this safety light. The text are stickers (small) and where removed after painting it yellow. This item is still in use at work.

For my girlfriend i did some eagle airbrushing on her Kawasaki ZZR250. After a soft crash the bike needed some "covering" of some scratshes. Here you see me at work making a large eagle on the tankcover. The cut out peaces where left blank and therby showing the original color of the bike.

I designed a logo for here and airbrushed it on the back of the bike. Kind of a personal touch.

The Eagle finished.

The same Eagle but than negative sprayed on my bike on the top case.