Wooden boxes

Christmas present for my Daughters Moniek and Sandra

Figured fineer with handmade inlay maple/walnut

Outside Walnut and Maple. Inside Cherry, Birch and Peer

Walnut with maple inlay

Cherry with walnut/Mahogany inlay

Padoek and Purple hart

Cherry and Peer (Fruitbox)


Red Cedar with Maple and Cherry

Bubinga and Maple

Mahogany and Maple

Wenge and Maple

Maple Peer and Walnut

Peer and Figured Maple

Peer with Birdseye inlay

My special toolbox

Zebrano and Maple

Iepen and Red Cedar

Padoek and Maple

Padoek and Maple

Figured Maple

Padoek and Purple Hart

Mahogany and Figured Birch

Walnut and figured Maple

Wenge and Maple with Birdseye inlay

Japenees wooden Plane Maple and Bubinga

Smal handplane Bubinga and Maple