T-Shirt Demo

This is a demo on how to create a white T-shirt.

The reference photo.

The reference photo whith the part we are going to draw. Notice on the reference photo that a white tshirt is not realy white. Only the highlights are white.

Step 1

The first step is the Line-drawing of the tshirt and the hand and elbow of the arm. All lines are the darkest parts of the folds in the tshirt and the outline of the arm and hand. The lines are drawn with 2B and are ereased when i start on that part. You can also make the lines lighter with Blu-tack.

Step 2

To get the correct color of the tshirt folds its important to establisch two things. 1- is to put your darkest black in. In this case its the shadow uderneath the hand. 2- is to leave the "white" as pure as it is. This means that the white of the paper is the lightest color. It should be preserved at any cost. Now its easyer to find the correct greys for the shirt itself. I also colored the arm for contrast purpose. What is dark appears the be further away and what is white looks closer. Using this will make things to be round and 3D

Step 3

To finish the arm i use a chamois to shade or smooth the lines drawn on the arm. Normaly no lines are visible and the outcome is a smooth skintexture. Than redraw the darkest part of the arm and shade it to the light part. The Arm is drawn with 2B.

Step 4

The first folds of the tshirt where put in using F. Work from dark to light and follow the flow of the tshirt folds. The lines are close together (overlaping) in a way that the lines are hardly visible. Using a chiseld point of a 2mm mechanical pencil (steadler mars) and with no pressure at all the first layer is put in.

Step 5

Now again there are 2 options. 1-If the grey is the correct color you can use a tissue to smear the graphite from dark to light. The tissue absorps only a liitle graphite and the color will almost stay the same. 2-If the grey is to dark using a chamois a good options. Chamois will absorps more graphite and the result will be lighter. When lines are visible a chamois and medium pressure will make them dissapeare. In step 5 i used chamois

Step 6

With F redo the darker parts of the beginning of the folds and use a tissue to fade them out. Repeat until the effect is correct

Step 7

Use HB for the real dark area's and use a tissue to fade them out. It can be done with no tissue at all. Patients and light layers will give a better result because its more controlable. Be aware that after using tissue's and chamois the papersurface will be very smooth and putting darker layers on top can be difficult. This can also be used for you. When drawing on top with the same pencil the lines are hardly visible and shades can be put in with great control.

Step 8

The result as in the drawing Secret Kiss.

Complete t-shirt finished.